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Aug 03, 2022
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The annual Tanabata Festival is here again. Although you are reading this article, you may not be off the list, but after learning the ABM marketing theory, you may be able to quickly find the most suitable partner for you. 1. What is ABM? I have already elaborated on the concept of ABM (Account-Based Marketing or Target-Based Marketing) in the article "ABM (1): "Winning" Customers with Alternative Methods . Interested readers can check it out. For readers who have just come into contact with this concept, it can be simply understood as " super-accurate crowd-targeted marketing " - that is, marketing to the most matching companies and people. Since ABM is a concept in the field of ToB marketing, it is aimed at businesses. Simply put, when selling goods to enterprises, each enterprise is an account (Account), and the account contains multiple key decision-makers. So, what does this have to do with blind dates? If it is said that love is with one person, then the blind date is actually for the union of two families. After all, in China, in addition to getting married, you have to listen to the opinions of your parents, so this is a multi-person decision-making model . An account is a family, and the decision-makers in the account are lovers and his relatives and friends-to get married, it is to let all decision-makers recognize themselves. Look, does it have the taste of "Chinese-style blind date"? 2. Ideal customer portrait = preset conditions for the right match But blind date is not just to bring the two families together, the important thing is to be "right match". In business, the so-called matchmaking means that there is a demand for the seller to buy a house. After all, we don’t want to “sell a wooden door to a wheel maker”. This kind of mismatched business “tragedy” happens. This requires companies to define what their target customers (a company, not an individual) look like from the very beginning, which is what we call an ideal customer portrait . Corresponding to the blind date, the woman hopes that the man "height 180cm, bachelor's degree, institution..." and so on. The more specific the conditions, the more accurate the matching, and of course, the smaller the range for selection. And the needs of enterprises are nothing more than "manufacturing, more than 500 people..." such requirements. Clear requirements, we know what kind of business to look for. Why do many people always fail to find a partner, because the requirements are not clear at the beginning, and naturally they cannot match the right person. Finally, make it clear that the ideal customer portrait is the portrait of the enterprise, not the portrait of the contact, so the dimension is for the enterprise, not for the person. 3. Looking for the target company contacts = expanding the social circle, expanding resources crazily When we have the ideal customer portrait, things are simple, because we know what kind of business we want, and the next step is to find it. To be clear, there are two levels of search: 1. Find the target company 2. Find the key contacts in the company There are also many ways to find it, including buying data, posting, and collecting activities. The following two articles have said some, you can refer to, of course not limited to these. Corresponding to the blind date, there are various channels such as introduction of relatives and friends, friend groups, and social APPs. ABM (3): Do you really "pick" customers? ABM (4): Find the right person, marketing can do more with less Of course, in reality, we may need to "save the country by the curve": at the beginning, there is no way to directly get the contact information of key contacts, but we can first establish contact with grass-roots employees, and then follow the clues and progress layer by layer. For blind date, this is actually the same routine. You can't meet directly in person, but you can start a relationship with a roommate who "can't fight". The more contacts, the higher the intimacy with the company and the greater the success rate of later marketing. It's like a blind date. I not only telemarketing list know the person and his parents, but I also know him "the cat of the third aunt's neighbor's cousin and his second uncle" - this kind of ubiquitous feeling is very scary, after all, the relationship is good For what reason can you be so familiar? But this is really what ABM emphasizes, find the right target company, and then find the contacts within the company. In blind date, we also hope to get to know the person who meets the requirements and their relatives as much as possible. 4. Precision Marketing = Build a good reputation After finding the right company and finding the right person, we should do our best to overcome it. After all, most of us do not have the ability to "make a deal with one phone call", nor do we have the capital to "fall in love at first sight". Therefore, we must rely on "long-term love" to achieve relationship upgrade
Love Marketing: ABM is actually a "hundreds of hits" blind date Dafa?
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